Bait shop

  • 800 Front St in Hearst, ON

  • 705-362-4828

  • Hours (hours may vary)

    • 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday -Thursday

    • 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM Friday

    • 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM Saturday

    • 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM Sunday


  • We do not sell licenses at our camp.

  • You can purchase your fishing license at most bait shops and visitor centers as well as online

  • You will need a valid Outdoors Card

Booking your motel


Super 8​

  • 1004 Front St, Hearst, ON P0L1N0

  • 705-362-4361


Companion Motel

  • 930 Front St, Hearst, ON P0L1N0

  • 705-362-4304


Villa Inn & Suites

  • 1605 Hwy 11, Hearst, ON P0L1N0

  • 705-362-4331

Driving instructions

Any map will easily get you to Hearst Ontario. Hearst is located on Hwy 11 East of the 631 intersection (the direction you will be coming if you come from Sault Ste Marie). 

  • Do not follow GPS directions to Oba however. They are misleading.

  • Hearst to Oba is about 120 kilometers South of Hearst

  • On Hwy 11 at Hearst, turn south at the light (second light if you’re coming from the West) at Highway 583 South.

  • On Highway 583 South, go about 12kms.

  • In the middle of a right curve in the road, turn left. (There is a small sign that says Oba.) 

  • After the left turn, immediately turn right on a dirt logging road (Caithness Road). You should now be going south. 

  • No more cell service beyond this point.

  • Stay on the main road. 

  • You do not cross any railroad tracks until you get to Oba. If you cross railroad tracks, you’ve made a wrong turn.)

  • Watch for the little signs to Oba. (See below) 

The first turn will be just past the 66 mileage marker        The second turn will be about 26kms

(turn right)                                                                       (keep right)

It may feel like you’ll never get to Oba. Don’t worry, it can be slow going. 

  • The last stretch of your trip is about 10kms. 

  • Once in Oba, follow the road in, to the railroad tracks. 

  • Cross the tracks and continue until you see our Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges sign. BE CAREFUL. Watch for trains.

  • Turn right at the sign and follow the road past the cemetery (on your left) and past the old shacks down the hill to our boat launch. You’re there! 

Someone will meet you at our landing, to guide you down the river to Cameron Lake!

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Weather forecast

What to bring

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Pet friendly

  • ​If you are willing to be responsible for picking up after your dog and for any damage they may cause to cabins or the grounds, we are happy to have your four-legged family member join us at no extra charge.

  • Please keep in mind your dog's tolerance for other dogs.

  • There may be more than one dog at camp during your stay.

  • No barkers please.

  • This premises is inspected by public health inspectors

  • Algoma Public Health requires the owner/operator to post this notice in accordance with legislation under the Health Protection and Promotion Act