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All the lakes and rivers in this area are North of the Arctic watershed and flow into the Arctic Ocean. Cameron Lake alone is abundant with fish, but with access to both the lake and the river system you will have little trouble catching fish as Walleye, Perch and the great northern Pike are plentiful. If you are lucky, you may land a whitefish or two.

Cameron Lake is 7.11 kms long and approximately 3.2 kms wide and is made up of rocky, sandy shores, and large weed beds. Fishing in mostly shallow waters, ranging from 6 to 21 feet

deep, as a result fishing success at Cameron Lake tends to be at its highest during the

months of May and June. This is when walleye are most frequent in shallow or

semi-shallow locations, thereby making them much easier to catch. Walleye then

tend to move to deeper locations as the water temperatures rise throughout

the summer.

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