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Moose hunt

Your moose hunt will take place throughout ideal moose habitat. Moose tend to live close to water sources such as the lakes, muskegs ,streams and ponds throughout the boreal forest. Feel free to bring your ATV and explore unlimited terrain throughout our undisturbed forest made up of old logging territory, fresh cuts and plenty of water sources filled with aquatic vegetation. Being private property and inaccessible to the general public, makes for perfect conditions for a successful harvest.

Included in Moose hunt

  • Accommodations 7 days (Friday to Friday) (min of 4 to 6 per cabin)

  • Access to hunt a vast area on privately owned land (WMU22 and small portion of WMU23) with restricted access.

  • Boat and motor per 2-3 hunters for fishing during downtime

  • Maps of the area

  • HST tax

moose tracks.png
moose tracks.png
moose tracks.png

Not included in Moose hunt

  • Tag (hunters are responsible for their own validation tag)

  • Any license (big or small game, or fishing license) 

  • Transportation to and from camp (bring your ATV)

  • Skinning/Processing

  • Gratuities

  • Meals

moose tracks.png
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