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Angela and Michel Chouinard

Our Camp and Cabins are Clean,
Comfortable and Roomy

Indoor flush toilets, cold running water, electric lights,
refrigerator, oven/stove, fuel oil heater, screens,
and a hot-water shower house.

We have spacious grounds with plenty of room for
meeting friends or finding a quiet place
to be on your own.
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Click HERE to see a few videos taken on Cameron Lake

Lots of Space
Lots of Space, Inside and Out at Camp
Lunch Break
With a Great View!
John's Cabin
John's Cabin. Sleeps 4
John's Living Area
John's Living Area 
John's Dining
John's Dining
John's Kitchen
John's Kitchen
Laurie's Cabin
Laurie's Cabin. Sleeps 6
Laurie's Kitchen
Laurie's Kitchen
Laurie's Kitchen
Laurie's Kitchen and Dining
Laurie's Kitchen
Laurie's Kitchen
Laurie's Living
Laurie's Dining and Living
Greg's Cabin
Greg's Cabin, Sleeps 4
Greg's Kitchen
Greg's Kitchen
Sam's Cabin
Sam's Cabin, Sleeps 4
Sam's Cabin Kitchen
Sam's Kitchen
Inside Sam's Cabin
Sam's Living and Dining
Island Cabin Interior
Island Cabin Dining
Island Kitchen and Dining
Island Kitchen and Dining
Island Cabin Kitchen
Island Cabin Kitchen

Coming Soon ...
Island Cabin Exterior Photos

We're just finishing the new Exterior Siding
The cabin will be completely ready for you in 2013
Shower House Showers
Enjoy a Hot-Water Shower
Shower House Sink
In Our Clean and Cozy Shower House
Available Soon...George's Cabin

George's Cabin sits across the lake from
the main camp on another beautiful
sandy beach with great sunsets!

Sleeps 5-6

Details and more photos coming.
George's Cabin

Cameron Lake and The Oba River...
Loads of room to explore,
sandy beaches and great fishing!
Click on any photo to see a larger image.

Our Beach
Our Camp Sits on a Nice Bluff Overlooking the Lake
Enjoying the View
There is Generally a Good Breeze and Always Good Company
Landing on the Beach
Easy Landing. Just Motor Up and Step Out
Lunch Time
Making it Very Easy to Grab Lunch and a Nap at Noon
Foggy Day on the Lake
Sometimes the Fog Settles in on Late Summer Mornings
Nice Sandy Beach
  Our Camp Sits on One of Three Sandy Beaches
Mile Long Beach
The Mile-Long Beach is the Most Secluded
Beach Moose
But You May Have to Share it With the Locals
Rocky Shoreline
Rocky Shorelines Hold Lots of Fish
Fishing Cameron Forks
A Quick Trip to Cameron Forks will Guarantee Dinner
A Calm Day on Cameron
Plenty of Corners in Which to Find Fish
Shore Lunch Spot
And Places to Take a Lunch Break
Lake and Clouds
Loads of Room to Explore
Island Boat
And Corners to Discover
Heading North for Perch
Take Narrow Waterways into Hidden Lakes.
The Oba River
Or Spend Hours Exploring and Fishing the Oba River
Fish for Walleye, Pike, Jumbo Perch and Whitefish
Click on any photo to see a larger image.
A Nice May Catch
We Love Opening Week on Cameron Lake
May Walleye
May is Easy! Just Sit on Top of the Fish and Jig
Larry's Big Walleye
Warm Clothing is a Must and the Walleye are Worth it!
Larry's Walleye on
                              the Fly
Aggressive May Walleye are Easy to Catch on a Fly
Ted Bob and Gene
                                May Stringers
Bring a Good Book. You'll Fill Your May Stringers Quickly
Jeff's Big Walleye
You'll Be Back In Time to Clean Your Fish and Have One for Breakfast
Nancy's Nice Stringer
Then Get Back Out There and Get Lunch and Dinner
Rachel Meets A Walleye
May Walleye are Eager Fish
Rachel's Nice Walleye
Bottom Line, You Can Get it Done in May!
Angelas Opener
And If You're Struggling, Just Ask Angela To Take You Out.
Anthony with Day's Catch
Nice Anthony. Where's Your Help?
Mr. Chouinard's
                                June Walleye
Mr. Chouinard Loves June Walleye
Mark's Walleye
Here's a beauty caught at dusk by Zac and Scott
Bob and Rudy
And Bob and Rudy Like Late June Fishing on Cameron
Ray's 42 Inch Pike
Ray Caught This Nice 42 Inch Northern in June
Kevin's Perch
It's a Dandy, Kevin!
Stephen's Walleys
Nice One, Stephen
Ted's Walleye
Ted joins us every year for the Walleye and our relaxing camp
King and Ray Clean
Once we rifled my tackle box for two identical lures, life in the boat got much easier.
Joe's Walleye
It's a Beauty, Joe
Joe and Kirt Nice
June is Beautiful and Very Generous to Joe and Kirt
Rudy, Kirt and Bob
And Sometimes June Delivers some Big Pike and Perch
Mike's Big Pike
Congratulations on this June Beauty, Mike
June Snacks
The River in June is A Great Place to Catch Some "Snacks"
A Nice July Pike
July Pike Fishing Can be Very Good
We Love July
We Love July Walleye
Jan's Nice Walleye
Nice Jan!
A Full July
A Beautiful July Stringer of Walleye
A July Beauty
James that's a July Beauty!
Don's July
What a Nice July Northern, Don
Deb's July Batch of
Deb's July Stringer
And Look at Lorraine's July Stringer
Corey's Walleye
Nice Walleye, Corey!
Brandon's Stringer
That Looks Like Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Brandon
Doug's Walleye
And Fish...
Nice Perch, Amanda
...And Fish!
Dave Barclay's
Dave B. Enjoyed July Walleye Fishing
Dave Carter Stringer
And So Did His Partner, Dave C.
Another Dandy July
And Another Beautiful July Pike
Tom's Stringer
That's a Good Start, Tom
Nice Walleye
August Walleye Fishing is Great Too
Joe's Pike
And Joe Caught a Bunch Just Like this One
John's Nice Walleye
Would you Believe John's Wife Bought the Lure that Caught this Big August Walleye?
Jack's Stringer
And Guess Which Walleye Jack Caught?
2012 John's Stringer
Just a Little Wind and Rain and John Knows Where to Find Them
Joe's Nice August Stringer
And Not to Be Shown Up, John's Partner Joe Gets it Done Too!
Cameron's 2012 Stringer
Cameron fished Cameron Lake and Did Well!
Cameron's Nice 2012 Walleye
Beautiful Cameron!
John's Stringer of
August Was Very Good to You, John
John's Stringer of
And it Looks Like Cameron Gave Up All Her Secrets
George's Nice
Thanks for Joining Me for a Day of Fishing, George
Stephanie Wins!
Suzanne's Big Walleye
And not to be outdone, look want Suzanne can do!

The Wildlife...
Well, we don't exactly hire these
critters to entertain you,
but they seem to accommodate.
Click on any photo to see a larger image.
Moose in the
                              Shoreline Grass
Just Wondering What We Are Doing
A Proud Cameron
A Proud Cameron Lake Eagle
A Curious Moose
A Curious Camp Moose. Who's Watching Who?
Eagle Nest
There are Five Eagle Nests on Cameron Lake
Spring Bear
And this guy was just out for his Spring walk.
Camp Moose
Most Evenings A Moose Will Walk Our Beach
Camp Bear
And This Guy Will Visit Our Water Tank
Beach Lynx
Rarely do we see a Lynx on the beach but it can happen

Pine Portage Bear
Just smelling the flowers
Bear Foot?
And if You See This Critter Around Camp,
 Approach Cautiously with Baileys.

Have Fun! We're here to help make your fishing trip relaxing and fun.
Click on any photo to see a larger image.

Getting Ready to Fish
Have a Beer, Relax, the Fish will Wait
Joe's Nap
Take a Break and Enjoy the Hammock
Sue on the Beach
Take a Walk on a Beach
Sue's Hammock Time
Or Claim that Hammock Again
An Evening at
Enjoy an Evening Drink With New Friends
Party Time
Or Stay Up Late and Party
Camp Fish Fry
Enjoy Our Camp Fish Fry...
Raymond's Fish Fry
...for the Whole Camp About Mid-Week

Enjoying Camp Fish Fry
Just Contribute Some Fish and Bring a Good Appetite
The End
The End
The End
The End!