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Our June 2017 Newsletter

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Nick's Stringer

We're having fun and catching fish. Come join us.

We've still got a few openings and have room for you.

Take a look at our 2017 Schedule below and then give us a call.

Tight Lines!

Our 2017 Schedule

2017 at the Main Camp and the Island Cabin:

Diesel's Ready
June 17 - June 23: Sam's Cabin at the Main Camp and the Island Cabin are available for the week.

June 24 - June 30: Sam's Cabin at the Main Camp is available for the week.

July 1 - July 7:
We are FULL
July 8 - July 14: We are FULL

July 15 - July 21: The Island Cabin is available for the week.

July 22 - July 28:
We are FULL

July 29 - August 4: Sam's Cabin at the Main Camp and the Island Cabin are available for the week.

August 5 - August 11: The Island Cabin is available for the week. We may also have room for a partial week booking beginning on Tuesday, August 8, departing on Friday, August 11 or Saturday, August 12.

August 12 - August 18: 2 Cabins at the Main Camp and the Island Cabin are available for the week.

August 19 - August 25:
We are FULL

August 26 - September 1: 3 Cabins at the Main Camp and the Island Cabin are available for the week.

If you are interested in booking the Island Cabin, we require a party of 6 Adults or more. Additionally, please remember that in June, we require a minimum of 4 Adults in Sam's, Greg's and John's Cabins and a minimum of 6 Adults in Betty's Cabin.

We charge Canadian Dollars for your fishing trip with Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges. And as of today, $1 U.S. will get you $1.33 Canadian toward your fishing trip with us. So if, for instance, you pay the average cost per adult of between $600 and $700 Canadian, your trip will cost you between $451 and $526 in today's U.S. dollars. Don't dawdle. The exchange rate changes daily. Visit our Rate Page for details.

You have two options for payment:
  1. You can send us a foreign funds check from your bank in the U.S. (ask your bank about fees that may apply).
  2. Or for your convenience, you can pay with your credit card. We can send you an email invoice with a link to a secure website where you can pay with your credit card.

If you are interested in booking a partial week, please let me know your week(s) and I'll do my best to match you with another party desiring the same week but different days.

2017 Ontario Fishing Licenses, Regulations and Conservation
Dale's Walleye

You can view the 2017 Ontario Fishing Licenses and Regulations in the online booklet HERE.

Licenses fees have not changed this year. You can see those fees on page 5 in the booklet or you can view them at the bottom of our Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges Frequently Asked Questions page on our website.

Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges is committed to the conservation of fish in our wonderful Cameron Lake and Oba River System. Please consider our commitment when you stay with us, keeping only what you can eat and practicing good catch-and-release techniques.

When the Ministry of Natural Resources visits us on Cameron Lake and our guests are shown to be good stewards of the lake and river that is a reflection on us. Thank You.
Lift your fish carefully and horizontally, supporting your fish along its length as Dale is doing here. Get your photo and then get the fish back in the lake as soon as possible. Dale was able to catch and successfully release this 25 inch Walleye. Thanks Dale!
NOTE: Once a fish is on the stringer, it is part of your possession limit. Culling fish (removing a fish from the stringer to replace with another fish) is illegal.

Thanks so much for caring and helping.
Some Camp Updates

We have not been idle. Here are a few changes at camp. And there's more to come.

John's Back Porch
Last year we installed a new screen door off the back of John's cabin. This gave those staying in John's a nice cross breeze on warm days. But the first step was a bit of a challenge if you wanted to enter or exit through that door. This year we've got steps for you.
Water Tank
And the big job so far this year has been moving the water tank. We've moved it to a position where it provides better flow to the cabins, especially Greg's and Sam's cabins.

And a nicer view.
Water Tank

Booking Your Cabin


John's Greg's and Betty's Cabins:

If you want a cabin with indoor toilet facilities, we are happy to guarantee your group either John's, Greg's or Betty's cabin. As each of these 3 cabins sleeps a different number of people, we wait until all parties are booked for your week, and we have the number of individuals in each party, before we assign cabins. We are happy to note your first-choice though. Generally we can tell you which cabin you will be in about 1 week before your trip. Just zip Deb an EMAIL and ask if you care to know before your arrival.

Sam's Cabin:

However, Sam's cabin if first come, first serve. If you want Sam's cabin and no other party has yet booked it, Sam's Cabin is yours, guaranteed at the time of your booking. Here are some of the features of Sam's Cabin that many of our guests appreciate.

  • Sam's is smaller but many of our guests feel it's more comfortable and convenient.
  • Because of it's size, Sam's is much easier to heat. The little heater in Sam's will efficiently keep you comfy and warm in the worst of weather.
  • Because Sam's is a log cabin, it actually stays cooler longer on hot days.
  • Sam's cabin has more roof coverage over the porch. Just enough to put a chair in front of the door on a rainy day and sit outside and stay dry.
  • And speaking of Sam's porch, one step, that's it. Easy in and out.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Sam's cabin rents for $100 less per adult per week. More money to buy fishing toys I'm thinking.

Island Dining
The Island Cabin:
Our Island Cabin is just across the a small bay from the Main Camp. This cabin can accommodate a party of 6 to 8.

This Island Cabin has 3 bedrooms and lots of living space as well as an enclosed porch.

This cabin has an outhouse and a generator. You will pump your washing water from the lake and we will provide you with drinking water. You are welcome to visit the main camp at any time to take advantage of our hot-water shower facilities.

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Thanks Everyone! See you on the lake!


Deb Martin
on behalf of Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges, Inc.