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2014 Honorable Mentions!

Here's to..

May Boat Launch 1Ice
... Michel for traveling to Oba in a snowstorm to get camp ready for our May opener, finding water so high he had to move things by boat from his truck to the boat house and then break ice on the lake.
2014 Opener
...  Scott, Todd, Kevin, Larry, Michel, Deb, Dan, Sam, Dennis, Ron, Doug and Big White Dog who changed plans and waited just in case camp had to open late. We opened on time, but the smart move was to come for week two. Thanks for your patience everyone! And Sam it was good to have you back in camp.
Mark's 9 Pounder

... the biggest Walleye of our 2014 season, weighing in at 9 pounds.

Congratulations Mark and Josh
Alma Launches
... our very special guest, Alma Ginop.

Alma fished all week with her 3 Sons, Ed, Clay and Henry. She fished for at least 8 hours every day, and caught the biggest Walleye in her group.

So what makes Alma so amazing and deserving of an Honorable Mention?

Alma's Walleye

Alma is a youthful 95-years-old folks!

I want Alma in my boat next year.

Emerson's StringerEmerson

... Emerson, you're a Pro!
Cieslak & Karl... Bob & Julie and Sue & Bill, the group that spent more time in their boats AND strayed and roamed the farthest during their week with us on Cameron Lake.

Every day I heard tales of new waters explored, more wildlife sighted and a yet another hot fishing spot.

This group took advantage of all that fresh fish and took to heart our motto ... When at Cameron Lake Fishing Lodges, EAT FISH! And there were lots of cooking experiments going on in John's kitchen that fine week in June.

Cieslak Fish Fry

And thanks for feeding me and Beth and being so gracious to Big White Dog. 

I tip my Tilley to the Masters of Adventure, Fishing and Eating! It was a joy having you in camp.

... Rachel, Bert and Richard for all your help getting ready for opener again this year.
Dino an d MarkEric and Brian
... Dino, Mark, Eric and Brian for helping us at the Traverse City and Grand Rapids shows in March.
Chris and Joe
... Chris and Joe and Bert for helping with cabin renovations.

Laurie Renovation
Angela's Rough Water

... Angela for getting everyone safely to and from Oba, even in the worst of conditions.